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Transformational Therapy

As well as being a Reiki Master Teacher, S'Roya is a Spiritual Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Hypnotherapist. She Works with Past Life Therapy, High Vibrational Soul/Chakra Toning and Spirit Song, Spirit Guides and Angelics and Reiki Cosmic Healing and other Energetic Healing Therapies. In her private practice over the past 18 years she has created an intuitive inner process called 'Transformational Therapy', which specializes in integrating traditional and non-traditional energetic approaches to healing mind, body, emotions and soul. Healing the hearts hurts, the mind's anguish, letting go the past, enabling embracing of ones truth and desired choices, ultimately empowering one's life.

Real Healing is a Holistic Process and rarely happens overnight. she invite you to explore the many paths to awakening to the power and beauty of your Higher Self through her transformational healing therapy sessions! These usually take from 1-2 hours, Costing $140 a session. They are private and confidential and all clients are treated with dignity, respect, and non judgement. Appointments are essential.

What does a session consist of..?

  • First Consultation - I like to listen carefully to what has been going on, clarifying your sensitive issues, your feelings, how this has effected you, any fears or anxiety, life difficulties and any other related problems. This gives me impression as to what might be happening, what is required, and how best to progress. All this I will share with you as a client. 
  • Counselling - This will always be an aspect of the healing session and the debriefing that is required after a session. Sometimes there will be intense in-depth discussions as we explore and dissect the issues. Often there will be coaching as a result of having unearthed an aspect of self that needs adjustment or modifications. This is where practical 'how to's', or 'homework' or 'activity' designed to resolve, solve, or create a new approach is offered as a positive re-enforcement of you taking some action and claiming ones power back through involvement.
  • Healing - Something as simple as a hypnosis or an energetic healing session (such as Reiki) can relax you, release mental/emotional tensions and realign and balance your whole energetic body.  These types of sessions can raise your vibration, get energy flowing and hence, cause a shift in your aura or energy field. This alignment and rebalancing, clears and stimulates your whole system and can have an immediate effect, much like a reboot. People feel lighter, refreshed, in a simplistic way. This is used in many sessions to complete the energy work undertaken.
  • Clearing Energetic Ties & Cords
  • Removing of Blockages
  • Vibrational Sounds/Toning  
  • Past Life regression 
  • Releasing Trauma 
  • Hypnotherapy 

What you may experience - in no particular order:

1. Deep Relaxation, calmness of mind, body & emotions, letting go anxiety or feelings of depression. 

2. Return of self esteem, honouring oneself, self respect, self acceptance, self love.

3. Desire to be removed from Negativity, leave a toxic job or person.

4. Feelings of positivity, lifting of one's emotions, embracing life, more motivated. 

5. Desire to Be More Spiritual, feel at peace, try to meditate, relax more.

6. Remembrance of a Vivid Dream, experiencing visions and vibrant colours.

7. Heightened Sensitivity of all Your Senses, stimulated physiological responses.

8. Emotional Release, acceptance and surrender, return to self love, heart healing.

9. Deeper awareness and understanding of self, possibly past life remembrance.

10. The need to Let go and move onto New things, change one's direction.

11. Releasing of any Fears, emotional freedom, feeling at peace or at oneness.

12. Altered states of consciousness, drifting in and out of what feels like sleep.

13. Slow deep or shallow breathing, deep relaxation a deeper trusting.

14. Your body temperature may drop while lying on the healing table.

15. Tingling, Sensation, Pulsing, Vibrating, Sighing, or Pressure.

16. Desire to Eat Healthier Foods, nurture one's self.

17. Sense of empowerment, return of energy, upliftment of spirit, able to cope with life.

18. Connection with one's Spiritual Guide, Angels, fairies etc.

The Third Eye

Having a list of psychic abilities and how they work is a must if you're interested in learning about the different types of Psychic gifts. 


These are the ways we receive intuitive guidance.

  • CLAIRVOYANCE  clear seeing
  • CLAIRAUDIENCE  clear hearing

  • CLAIRSENTIENCE  clear feeling


    clear knowing


With practice, you can learn to develop all your senses, but usually one or two are stronger than the others.


Angelic Realms