S'Roya Rose - Australia

Psychic Readings, Healing, Workshops, Reiki, Author, Witch


 Influenced by the planet Mercury, in the signs of 

Gemini - I think and Virgo - I analyse... 

The Magician has the power as a mystic to conjure using all the elements and universal life force, manifesting the natural pathway forward. He calls upon the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine to join together as he travels through the cosmic gateways of timeless existence to gain clarity on the perfect action or direction in which to take. As a cosmic shaman he’s well aware of the potential he possesses to wield this power consciously in the world of men. Everything is at his disposal as he co-creates with the universe seeking all that is needed to fulfil one’s missions or find true purpose. Guardian over sacred knowledge, his wisdom sees all possible skills, gifts and abilities and how these can be utilised in service in the real world. He knows that Divine timing means everything, that by doing the right thing at the right time in the right place, creates the right flow and has the universes approval, true direction is guaranteed. What new business or career calls you forth now?


Keywords and phrases: 

Positive: Universal power, true potential, creative forces are at work, new path unfolding, journey overseas, will power, union of opposites, Inspired visions, new business opportunity is possible, Divine timing, self empowerment, synchronistic flow, inspired movement forward. 

Negative: abuse of power, lack of direction and will, blocked inspiration and vision, unable to manifest, confusion of purpose, tries to trick and manipulate.  

An excerpt from the book,


by S'Roya Rose