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There are four ways in which a psychic receives intuitive messages these are called “Clair” senses, and each is unique in how it challenges the mind, emotions and body as a receptor. “Clair” means clear. The most well known are Clairvoyance, clear seeing, and Clairaudience, clear hearing. The least known and most misunderstood—even by those who use them—are Claircognisance, clear knowing, and Clairsentience, clear feeling, also known as Empathic (empathy).

Everyone is born with these Clair senses. In our culture, we are continuously programmed by parents, teachers and peers not to use our Clair senses and, instead, to rely heavily on the five commonly known senses of sight, smell, sound, speech and touch. As a result, to one degree or another, most of us lose awareness of our Clair senses if not the abilities themselves. People who redevelop or continue developing their Clair senses typically use one main and one secondary sense or are at least aware that they have them. So why isn’t everyone a “psychic?” Because not everyone has an agreement in this lifetime to use their Clair senses. However, to what capacity and in what avenue you choose to use your Clair senses is not relevant to the challenges they present. What is relevant is your level of awareness of your Clair senses, how they affect you and why.

Many psychics, readers and healers have found one or many ways to control the information their Clair senses provide (seniority) as well as clean out other people’s energy and protect their physical and energetic space. This is, however, not always the case and is certainly not typical with those who do not understand their Clair senses or how to control them. Many do whatever they can to “shut them off,” which causes a back up of energy in their space—energy that takes up space but cannot be used because it is not theirs.

Many people who are aware of their Clair senses are also aware of the huge impact they can have on their space, their body and their life. For these people, their Clair abilities can feel more like a punishment than a “gift” and, depending on which Clair sense(s) they have as well as the extent of their knowledge about how to control the influx of information, they may feel overwhelmed physically and/or energetically, frightened and/or out of control.

 Without energetic tools and boundaries as well a basic understanding of seniority, the barrage of information received through the Clair senses can affect one’s ability to think clearly (attention deficit); drain physical energy (chronic fatigue); prevent deep sleep, which deters the body from healing naturally; cause emotional turmoil and depression; and eventually result in pain or dis-ease in the body (caused by other people’s energy in your space).

The Four Clairs - Major Psychic Abilities

1. CLAIRVOYANCE - clear seeing

Clairvoyance is an inner seeing. It's the most well known, but least understood intuitive gift on our list of psychic abilities.

I would describe it as watching a little movie inside your head.

Someone who is clairvoyant is not necessarily seeing the future or having dramatic psychic visions like you see in the movies. Clairvoyance can be very subtle. For example, you may just see a color, a number, or even a symbol. You may or may not understand what these images mean, and they are not always meant to be taken literally. Or, you may get a full blown premonition...like the old saying goes, "I saw that one coming!"  Other terms for clairvoyance: third eye, psychic eye, psychic vision.

2. CLAIRSENTIENCE - clear feeling

Clairsentience is the ability to receive intuitive messages via gut feelings or physical sensations. Empathy (feeling the feelings of others) is also a form of clairsentience.

Here's a great example of a gut feeling:

My brother is not a professional psychic or anything, but he does get 'gut feelings'.

Not long ago, he was scheduled for surgery. He's had many surgical procedures in the past, so he knew exactly what to expect.   And I have to say -  he is the toughest guy I know, so this is not something that he'd be shaken up about.

The day of the surgery came.  While they were prepping him, a horrible feeling came over him. He said he doesn't know what it was, but his gut told him not to go through with the surgery that day.

My dad trusted his intuition and left the hospital. He was concerned that the hospital staff was upset at him leaving so suddenly, but he trusted his gut feeling anyway.

I am thankful he did.  We have no idea what would have happened if he hadn't listened!

Other common terms for clairsentience: empath, spiritual or intuitive empathy.

3. CLAIRAUDIENCE - clear hearing

Clairaudience can be when that 'little voice' inside tells you something random but important.   No list of psychic abilities would be complete without it! It is a way to receive intuitive messages without using the physical ears.  Think of clairaudience as an inner hearing. For example, you may suddenly hear that little voice inside you say, "go right!" or "stop!"  When a highly sensitive person – such as a psychic or medium – is clairaudient, they are able to hear things that others cannot, such as spirit voices, sounds, and even music! Spiritual mediums are often clairaudient people who can hear words, phrases, and names from those who have passed on. Most times, the medium will hear the people in spirit speaking inside their own head in their own voice (it kind of sounds like when you are reading silently to yourself) it's a form of channelling. On some occasions, the medium may also hear the actual voice that the spirit had when they were living, husky, high pitched or an accent of some kind. Personally, I feel that clairaudience is the most interesting of all the extrasensory perceptions on our list of psychic abilities. Through clairaudience when doing a reading for a client I have distinctly heard names of loved ones crystal clear, like I've been spoken to. 

4. CLAIRCOGNISANCE - clear knowing

Claircognizance is the ability to just know something – it’s an inner knowing.

Like if you just know that you shouldn’t trust your new neighbor but you don’t know why -  this is claircognizance. It's an important sense, so makes it into the top 4 on our list of psychic abilities.

These feelings can be very strong, as described above. They can also come in the form of intuitive thoughts that can pop into your head at random.

For example, my husband (who is not psychic), was driving on the highway with some coworkers one afternoon. He says he doesn’t know why, but all of a sudden he knew he had to tell everyone to buckle up. Less than five minutes later, their vehicle was rear ended from behind by a car going 65 miles an hour. The seat my husband was sitting in actually broke in half. That intuitive thought may have saved their lives!

Less Common Intuitive Abilities

Did You Know? Clair is the prefix for the French word meaning clear.

CLAIRALIENCE – clear smelling 

Funny name, isn’t it? Clairalience is the ability to smell things outside the normal range of smell, such as the perfume of a loved one who has passed away. Sometimes a person in spirit will fill a room with a familiar smell so that their loved ones know they are around. For example, my sister-in-law often smells cigar smoke which she associates with her father. I don’t know how our loved ones in spirit do this, but many find this phenomenon very comforting. I have had the smeel of horses pop up from nowhere, cigars, herbs and essences. I've smelt my grandmothers perfume often and perm lotion as she was a hairdresser for 50 years. Also some guides identify themselves through an essence or high vibrational flower smell.

CLAIRGUSTANCE – clear tasting

Last on our list of psychic abilities is clairgustance. Clairgustance is an inner tasting, that is, tasting without actually putting anything in your mouth.

This form of extrasensory perception is sometimes experienced by mediums when they give a reading.

The way it works is pretty simple. When a medium is communicating with a spirit, they may begin to develop a particular taste in their mouth. So, if a person in spirit used to love to eat chocolate cake, a medium who has this sense might taste chocolate. Think of how easy dieting would be if we could all do this!

Which of the senses on the list of psychic abilities do you find most interesting?

Let me help you with my Psychic Development classes, Divination 1 day workshops, or learn about your energy through Reiki  1 & 2 workshops. Take up Tarot, or learn to Channel, working with Angels & Spirit Guides. There is no one path, there is just learning how to use these gifts in a practical way so as to enhance your life.

Having a list of psychic abilities and how they work is a must if you're interested in learning about the different types of Psychic gifts. 


These are the ways we receive intuitive guidance.

  • CLAIRVOYANCE  clear seeing
  • CLAIRAUDIENCE  clear hearing

  • CLAIRSENTIENCE  clear feeling


    clear knowing


With practice, you can learn to develop all your senses, but usually one or two are stronger than the others.


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