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Tarot Symbolism - how it works

Energy becomes apparent and manifests through the use of symbols, it is necessary for me to include the use and understanding of symbology and the energy generated by the use of such symbols. Symbology has been explained in many ways. It has been described as ‘the art of thinking in images’, or ‘the synthesized expression of a marvellous science now forgotten by man’. The belief is that the connection by the created (symbol) and creator (life force, God, source) is what is apparent within the symbol. Symbolism links all things from a natural law of reality to the supernatural law of things. This is what real ‘metaphysics’ is all about, revealing what is beyond the physical. 

It’s the symbology that lies within the Tarot that is the means to accessing the hidden wisdom that is layered within its artistic framework. These symbols are the keys to unlocking the hidden consciousness/energy. In other words the Tarot symbolism helps manifest unrealised awareness. Lets understand just what is a symbol. 

Symbols were used long before written language was ever invented. Nature expresses itself through symbols. We see symbolic designs in the centre of flowers, trees, shells, fruits and rocks. Symbols are known to be a language beyond language, as well as holding information with significance. Think about the thought transference that takes place upon viewing any symbol. All the symbols used in our society today for road signs, chemical warnings, and danger are universal in application. We register them on a subconscious level. Symbols act as a map to the inner self of higher consciousness; and is registered much faster than the slower process of conscious thoughts or the written or spoken word. 

Tarot symbols can be likened to a puzzle, which holds specific hidden knowledge like the ancient Aztec or Egyptian hieroglyphs. These symbols help unlock our subconscious and conscious mind to experience the awareness that is waiting to be discovered. When you focus the mind on the Tarot the symbols have a purpose, your intent lines up with the deeper meanings as it is revealed to you through your intuition. So in this way the symbols open the mind to help access their awareness. Because the Tarot symbolism is layered, it has much to offer and therefore each card can be read and re-read time and again. Upon using the Tarot you will become aware of the energy it’s symbolism can generate. I find it to be a magical process. 

Remember, the consciousness generated from any Tarot is dependent on your ability to remain open to receiving its symbolic wisdom. Use your breath to clear your mind and then focus your intent before you use them. We ask you to respect them and use them wisely for the betterment of yourself and others that you read for.


WhatCarl Jung Said AboutSymbology 

1. True symbols awaken the self. They turn the attention 

from things to the self, from matter to spirit. 

2. Only symbolism expressed daily fulfils the soul. 

3. Without symbols man cannot step out of the abyss. 

4. We can only discover symbols we cannot manufacture them. 

5. Symbols are considered as a means to heal our split from life. 

6. A symbol is the innate in the life of the spirit. 

7. To ignore a symbol is to suffer a severe deficiency. 

What you will experience 

The intent of using the Tarot is to expand your conscious understanding of life and yourself, plus establish a spiritual integrity and give you deeper insights when using it. Working with your Tarot helps with more of your journey within to discover the self. By this I mean that your soul purpose slowly presents itself becoming more important to you as you listen to your own intuition, and follow it’s guidance. As you work with the Tarot you learn to trust yourself allowing for growth and change to take place in all areas of you life. You begin to see a deeper pattern to events in your life. As a natural progression you experience an expanded consciousness helping you to be ready to accept anything now and at any time. 

This sees many people start to develop their psychic gifts such as telepathy, aura vision, clairvoyance, clairaudience, becoming more clairsentient, even developing mediumship skills as a direct result of your whole energy being stimulated. Mediumship is the ability to connect with spirit, those of deceased relatives, ancestors, spirit guides and angelic realms. Do not be disappointed if this is not the case for you, each of us must develop at our own pace and you do not have to be psychic to use the Tarot. You will however begin to question many aspects of your life, discovering it is no longer enough that you accept what societies responses and rules dictate. You begin your own quest for truth. The Tarot will provide you with an opportunity to evaluate your spiritual integrity, by exercising your free will and own choices, helping you to obtain spiritual integration in everyday life. 

An excerpt from the book,

'TAROT A Sacred Doorway'

by S'Roya Rose