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Tarot Layouts for you to try... enjoy!

Turning Point Pyramid Layout

This layout helps the enquirer to explore the

hidden meanings of a circumstance or crisis.


1. Root/Culmination

2. Fear/Security

3. Trauma/Rescue

4. Point of escape from/or to

5. Pain/Relief from grief

6. Joy/great achievement

7. Test/Completion

8. Travel/stay at home

9. Restless/Clarification

10. Major risk/major task.

Every position and card in the layout has a similar or double meaning.

What brings us one experience can also be a catalyst for another.

5 Pointed Star Layout

Using this 5 pointed star spread will help

ground some answers to your questions.


1. Outlines the physical issue.

2. How you feel about it.

3. What you’re challenged by.

4. What you need to surrender.

5. Your hearts truth about it.

6. The right action or guidance.

Traditional Gypsy Layout

1 - This the Past 

2 - This the Present 

3 - Looks into the Future

A - Work & Success 

B - Plans & intentions 

C - Good Luck 

D - Friends & support 

E - Love & romance 

F - Family ties 

G - Personal state.

Relationship Layout

This spread can be help you understand any type of relationship issue better, ie; romantic, work related, friendship or family.


Cards 1 and 2 help outline the current circumstances. Cards 3 and 4 outline the recent past. While cards 5 to 6 outline what still needs to be understood or addressed now. Cards 7 and 8 give the counsel required to resolve or heal the relationship.

4 Card Now Layout


1. Past. 2. Now. 3. Future. 4. Outcome.

or 1. Mind. 2. Body. 3. Emotions. 4. Pathway.

This 4 card Now spread is easy to use and remember, perfect for

those simple Question & Answers. Use with the Major Arcana only

to gain some quick wisdom as well as lateral thinking regarding any

of those smaller life problems or challenges.

Get connected and learn to Channel your Spirit Guides..!


This ancient 10 card Celtic spread is quite comprehensive, yet not difficult to read. It can be used for a much broader range of questions and concerns, and layered over and over till the whole deck is used. For more direct or quicker answers use only 22 major arcana cards.


1. This card represents the reason and questioner - self. It indicates present position and current atmosphere influencing the questioner.

2. This card represents immediate influences and any major obstacles that have to be faced. * (Always crosses the fi rst card.)

3. This card indicates the goal or destiny of the questioner, what is possible and can be accomplished within the existing circumstances and current ideals.

4. This card indicates the questioner’s distant past - what inner feelings and influences laid the foundations of the present events and circumstances?

5. Indicates the questioner’s recent past events - what has just come into being. Both the four and five cards show what ultimately lies embodied within the question.

6. This card indicates what the future will be influenced by - what will come into being, given all the present influences.

7. This card helps the questioner look at their current attitudes (who am I right now) with regard to their query and gives a better inner perspective of any recent revelations.

8. This card indicates how other people and different factors influence the questioner and how he/she also influences them.

9. This card indicates the hopes, emotions, desires and fears of the questioner. It sheds light on ulterior motives that the questioner keeps secret from others and possibly self.

10. This card indicates a likely outcome based on the current influences and events. It is by no means fixed as the questioner becomes aware of these, changes may take place after the reading.

Begin with the top card as number one, the reader turns over the first six cards and places them face up. Then reads each card according to the placement on the spread. Next the remaining four cards are placed in position, and read individually. Often, after reading all 10, the diviner will go back over the spread and interpret the cards as they relate to one another. There may be significant connections, for example, between card three (goal or destiny) and card six (future

influence). Or there may be a preponderance of a certain suit or type of card, needing further exploration. Always bear in mind the titles and descriptions in the spread are meant as suggestive references.

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