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How to being with Tarot

When beginning, it’s best to select tarot cards that are easy to understand. They should appeal to you for many reasons; such as the colour, design and the symbolic representation displayed within the artwork. They should speak to your soul and connect with you in some special way. In this book I used my own Tarot, as I designed it I kept in mind a need for simplicity, so I chose a fusion of symbolic artwork, entwining the cosmic, with some interesting modern fantasy and surrealism, embedded with the wisdom of the ancients. I synthesized our Souls cosmic dance with our everyday human existence, while bridging past with the future. Try not to learn parrot fashion tarot, as this does not allow for the intuition to feel, grow and tune in.


Preparing & Keeping your Cards

Keep your Tarot Cards in a dry, safe place. You may like to keep them in the box provided, however, I recommend that you obtain a lovely silk wrap in colours befitting the Cards and wrap them up after each time they’re used. There are some very nice tarot drawstring bags that you can purchase also. Sometimes it is good to gently powder your cards first with baby powder, to make them be easier to shuffle,especially when new, and once a year wipe them clean from dirt. They should always be treated as Sacred tools, be approached with reverence, respected and loved. I energise, dedicate, bless and smudge all my cards with white sage, the moon, crystals, and ‘Reiki’, then I place ‘White and Gold Light’ around them for protection.


How to Read the Tarot

Reading is a sacred act and so create a sacred space. To enhance this, light incense or sacred oils, burn a candle and call upon the divine for guidance - you may even like to cast a sacred circle. Many readers have symbolic representation for the earth, air, fire and water elements present also, such as crystal, feather, candle and a shell. Use a cloth that makes it easy for your cards, such as satin or velvet so the cards glide more easily when being laid out, in a colour that suits.


Always start the reading with a basic prayer, then call upon the energy of the Divine to be present, call in your spirit guides and angelic helpers. Sit quietly with the cards, visualise filling yourself and the room up with ‘White Light’. Open up for guidance, clear your mind and think of a question. Don’t ask for ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, rather ask about ‘the best way to...’ or ‘what’s the negatives or positives of this situation’ ‘what’s my best option’...etc? You are seeking awareness of whole situation, to gain clarity, and interpret any answers or options. 

All guidance should be sought with the intention of receiving only what is in your highest good. Shuffle the tarot cards repeat your question in your mind focusing on all the things that may influence the outcome while shuffling. (ie; People, places and circumstances.) Now cut the deck into 3 piles, left to right. Now pick up the middle pile, place it on top of the left pile and then place it all on top of the right pile until the whole deck is back as one pile. 

Starting from the top lay each Tarot card face down in the order for the particular layout you’ve chosen for this reading. Turn the cards over one at a time to view the whole spread. As you start to read the cards, take your time slowly and allow each cards artwork to speak to you in a specific way. Every Tarot card tells a unique story. Notice how everything from the colours to shapes, design and composition affects you. What do you notice first, how does it ‘Feel’ to you? As you read the cards observe what you resist or react to the most (usually its because there is something you are needing to face or be told that’s important), note the smallest of details as you view each card, let it’s symbolic wisdom speak it’s sacred language to you as you absorb it. 

Remember the more you play with them and use the tarot, the more they will speak their deeper hidden truths to you, allowing your mind to expand as your understanding and your confidence begins to grow. Be gentle and patient and let what you are seeking slowly greet you on an inner level. Each layout is different and offers up some unique new ideas and options as unthought of pathways. Note how many Major Arcana or of the same suits are in the layout. When starting to learn it’s a good idea to journal each reading.

An excerpt from the book,

'TAROT A Sacred Doorway'

by S'Roya Rose