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Inside the Tarot, layered with specific symbology that speaks a language that only the subconscious truly knows how to access and interpret, are the keys to your akashic records and angelic codes - the blueprint of your Soul’s path. Once unlocked it will empower you to take control of your destiny in such a profound way as to transform your life forever. The Tarot will help you become more spiritually aware, and can offer you some lateral thinking in your hour of need, by broadening your perspective on things, helping you to let go any need to control life, learning to surrender the human ego and listening to your hearts higher self. Thus gaining a better understanding of your inner journey and how this directly impacts on your outer reality. For the most part, it will gift you some grace as your mind opens up to ponder new possibilities and drink in new awarenesses, enabling connection to your higher self.

    Often we get stuck, feel unhappy or limited, unable to see past an emotion or circumstance. The tarot will assist you to move forward by offering a bridge, connecting the dots between what you feel and what you want to happen, gifting you insight and answers into those everyday life issues. In doing so, endless creative potential will begin to open up for you, new pathways and opportunities to grow and prosperity will start to arrive. Where there wasn’t a way, a way will be found. You’ll connect to the Divine source of all that is your spirit, aligning to cosmic forces and receive real guidance.

  As a self-development and divination predictive tool the tarot is still one of the best. It takes in all aspects of life and its cycles from birth to death – and it reveals much to us from all levels of the psyche as well as bringing in the past, present and possible future outcomes. 

For the more serious tarot students it has earth, air, fire and water elements as well as astrology and numerology and many other intrinsic magical esoteric meanings woven into its symbolic framework. It is not necessary to learn all of these in parrot fashion, however it is fun to study the in-depth meanings if one has the time.

Symbology communicates through the magic of our subconscious mind allowing for our deeper inner senses to speak their intuitive natural truth. Learning to trust the instant thoughts or feelings that each card generates from within takes time and patience. Tarot is a great tool when tapping into the universal source of truth, love and wisdom, which is what real tarot card readings are all about. 

  You can spend a lot of time reading all the books you like, but it’s the using and playing with your tarot, that will teach you the most. Treat it with reverence and respect, for it is an ancient sacred tool not meant to be used falsely or abused in folly. Remember the sacred laws of retribution are always at work so be mindful of your intent. 

  Who am I? Why am I here? What is my destiny? Are just some of the cosmic questions that will be answered as you journey spiritually. Working with the Tarot you will start to understand more and more about yourself and life. It will teach you how to cope, how to understand why things happen the way they do and just what are your best options in those tricky life situations. As life’s riddles begin to unravel before your very eyes, huge awareness’s start to dawn within you. Empowered by this, you will begin to move forward with more surety of step as your inner knowing transforms the way you perceive everything. Be prepared to let go the old, to shed worn out skins and begin to grow in leaps and bounds and enjoy a fuller life. As you start to trust yourself and your intuition grows, your confidence will too. Listen with all your senses and start to trust your intuition, by heeding your first thoughts or feelings.

  As a Spirit living a human existence we need reminders as to why we chose to incarnate and come to learn in boot camp Earth. As you begin to understand the tarot, it will help you discover more options and choices in your life path, you’ll gain clarity as to your unconscious intentions, enabling wiser decisions as you broaden your options, making adjustments as you grow and develop spiritually. 

An excerpt from the book,

'Visionary Tarot  the Ultimate Guide'

by S'Roya Rose