S'Roya Rose - Australia

Psychic Readings, Healing, Workshops, Reiki, Author, Witch

In Search of SOUL, captures the true meaning of ‘Soul Searching’. As it looks at why we go soul searching, where and what we search for, and the amazing journey that unfolds in our lives as a result. It’s a small but powerful metaphysical book, that many just won’t be able to put down. Well written and cleverly married with poetry of a prophetic nature, it’s magically simple yet tackles deep and often complex issues. S’Roya intertwines spirituality with normal life dramas, bringing a profound wisdom to everyday life and its real meaning, she demonstrates a depth of inner perception that will touch your heart and endear her to you as an author. This book was S'Roya's first best seller, and is a great place to begin to understand your spiritual journey!

In her 'REIKI A Transformational Spiritual Path' book, S’Roya Rose lifts the lid on the myths and sheds light on the spiritual growth that can be obtained with the use of Reiki. S’Roya believes that Reiki connects people with their soul essence once again, speeding up their spiritual evolvement. In this way Reiki is a transformational spiritual pathway, a practice that one uses to transform the lower nature or ego as one evolves in consciousness. Much has been written about Reiki as a hands on healing technique, however very little has been said about its spiritual development aspects. S’Roya explains the pathway that is created with the use of reiki energy, how it comes about and how it will affect you. Through the gift of reiki she has been able to help those who search for self improvement and inner transformation as a path to healing and enlightenment.

The Art of Meaningful Living, takes us on a journey into the deeper side of life. S’Roya’s soul coaching, helps us to explore our mindsets and attitudes, our thoughts and feelings, while encouraging us to forge new concepts for a better way of living. Its philosophical spiritual wisdom has a timeless beauty, that if adopted will assist us in some of our darker hours of confusion and feelings of self abandonment. The Art of Meaningful Living will become a great resorce that can be visited time and again by its readers, as it comforts the soul assisting the journey, improving our existence and enabling our earth walk. The wisdom in his book has already single handedly transformed and empowered thousands of peoples lives. 

Empowering the Modern Goddess, S’Roya Rose  exposing the Goddess as a presence ... Not a new age ideal or a force! For far too long the true essence of the Goddess has been suppressed, not allowed, made to feel wrong, covered up and even banished. Even today there are those who feel quite threatened by women in their true power, especially when they are unable to be controlled or made submissive to other’s needs. Bringing equality into our society for women has certainly had its struggles. In early mythology the Goddess was considered sacred, she was revered and worshipped as the true life giver that nourished mankind’s existence. She was seen as the earth, the moon and the stars that held the mystery of the beginning of timeless existence. A mystery that was accepted even though not fully understood. Her cosmic, mythic presence constantly echoed her fluidity throughout time and space as the cycles of death and rebirth, the seasons of nature and the rhythms of the universe. 

Visionary Tarot, eloquently interprets the time honoured ancient archetypal knowledge, enabling you to receive answers to your questions and gain insight into how to read the tarot. This illuminating book cleverly builds a psychological bridge from the old guard to the new, merging ascension ideology, cosmic truth with channelling, the Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology, and spiritual awakening. S’Roya has evolved her mystical wisdom, inspiring spiritual seekers and new apprentice Mystics to become adept Tarot Readers, developing Psychic awareness and Mediumship the world over, bringing understanding and enjoyment from the magic that is the TAROT.