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About S'Roya - Publisher & Psychic Goddess

S'Roya Rose: Publishing Editor & Creatrix

Having really set high standards in visual Print media with BlackRose, S'Roya does it again with Goddess Guru Ezine. One of the best Visual reading delights Online in it's genre...

Known for her superb visual layouts and graphical genius, she is leading the Goddess movement into the 21st century, dispelling the myths, leaving behind its medieval bad press while embracing and anchoring the Cosmic Lunar forces into every day life... all with unique titillating flair and style.

Writer & Authoress

A talented Goddess, S'Roya is known as a passionate writer, having written for many spiritual and lifestyle magazines such as SilverCord, Insight, Golden Age, since her early thirties. She then started to publish her own magazines; DeJaVu, Dharma, BlackRose, Goddess Guru and Avalon Magazine. She perfected her craft which paved the way for her authoring many outstanding books in a few different genre's; with Spiritual, Self Help, Lifestyle, Personal Growth, and Metaphysical topics. 

  • Her first book 'In Search of Soul' set an early high standard for her writing career. 
  • Then her second book 'Cosmic Reiki' came as a result of her own metaphysical healing journey that started with her mothers illness, ending in Reiki Mastery and global retreats and workshops. 
  • Her third book 'The Art of Meaningful Living' cam by default as a corrolation of her many self help and empowering articles that were written for numerous magazines. 
  • Her fourth book 'Tarot A Sacred Doorway' was inspired by her having designed her own 'S'Roya Rose Tarot Deck', whereby she developed her own brand of fusion art. A veritable visual feast! 
  • Her fifth book which has just been released came after her BlackRose magazine's demise, which was to empower the sacred feminine ( a much loved passion for S'Roya), and now part of a series of books she wishes to publish called - BLACKROSE - Empowering the Inner Goddess, also inspired by her 'Modern Goddess Oracle'. Designed with contemporary modern goddess images so that women today can connect with and understand the ancient Goddess archetypes, enabling them to relate to aspects within themselves, to empower and heal their lives.
  • Some of S'Roya's articles... )O(

    As a Psychotherapist S'Roya has been sharing her psychic skills and insightful wisdom to aid in the up-liftment and wellbeing of her clients for many years. Much of what she has written about comes from her own experiences as a Metaphysical practitioner and teacher, but also as a Therapist and Life coach. Choosing to work out of the box, availing herself to the masses, she prefers to work nationally as a Psychic at the 'front line' (as she affectionately calls itat the 'Mind Body Spirit Festivals', and as a guest on Psychic TV OZ.  

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    S'Roya runs and still facilitates many metaphysical and spiritual growth workshops, psychic circles and goddess retreats and sacred site tours. She started out by teaching Reiki levels 1 and 2 and eventually running her famous Master Retreats in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, after having obtained her Reiki Mastership in 1996. It was during this time that she wrote her Cosmic Reiki book.

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