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How can I learn Reiki Mastership..? 

S’Roya teaches Reiki Mastership in a Two week course. This can be broken up into 2 parts ie: 2 separate weeks. Held at her home Eagle Heights, Mt Tamborine on the Gold Coast, or Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne at varying venues. Mastership can only be considered once you have completed Reiki Levels 1 & 2 having integrated their energy. 

Mastership consists of...

  • Reiki Mastership is taught over a two week period usually, or can be broken up into 2 separate weeks. Please email to S'Roya for up and coming dates as she usually teaches Mastership 1 or 2 times a year, or privately. 
  • Master Students receive 3 more initiations/attunements,  which enables them to channel Masters healing energy. 
  • Each levels-treatments and healing processes is covered, plus how to teach others these processes & why.
  • S’Roya teaches how to give Attunements and shares their healing, clearing and regenerative properties within Reiki.

  • All Master symbols, how they are used and other metaphysical transformational advanced shamanic healing information is also covered. This is intense training.
  • How to operate as a Reiki Master in a professional business and standards of such operation. Workplace Health & Safety regulations, confidentiality & privacy act Basic Admin required & teachers training and more. 
  • You will receive a comprehensive Masters/Teachers & all her other Reiki level Manuals, the Hand Position Chart, and much more. 
  • All S'Roya's Reiki Students receive a Master/Teacher Certificate upon completion of this course.

Mastership The Final Step ...

We are all individuals and there are many reasons for wanting to become a Reiki Master. Many people get their first inclinations about becoming a teaching master from the first time they find themselves doing Level One. Others feel a gradual pull in this direction as a part of their natural spiritual evolvement with Reiki. Or it may be simply a wish to complete an understanding of this energy healing modality and in order to do so they must complete their mastership. Whatever your personal reason is for wanting to become a Master of Reiki, it is respected as being a sacred part of your spiritual growth as you journey through this life. 

As many people find that they have a burning desire to find

more meaning to their life, moving into their Reiki Mastership is a continued affirmation that they wish to connect within themselves on a spiritual level. Usually once this takes place they then wish to help others to do the same. Many teaching masters are needed to help lift the vibration of the people of Mother Earth. Many more are going to be required from all walks of life to assist, enabling humanity to raise its level of consciousness through knowledge shared, love and healing.

Most Reiki Masters recommend a minimum of at least six-twelve months before progressing from Level Two to Mastership. This is simply because it takes time to completely understand and integrate the energy & changes that can be created from both first & second level Reiki. The entire human physiological and subtle body energies undergo alteration of their bio-magnetic energy, so there can be delayed healing and reactions to this subtle healing. Much transpires within ones consciousness during this time also. One must be ready and able to teach and wield the Masters energy. 

What is taught during Mastership...?

What is Taught During Reiki Mastership?

I did not consider myself to be a psychic or healer before my Masters. Afterwards there were many shifts within my consciousness and energy. Now I am a direct channel for spirit and work with higher consciousness from other realms. Because of this I tend to attract like-minded souls who need my teachings to aid their journey to higher consciousness and spirit. This is all part of my Reiki Master’s training together with healing & psychic protocols, plus How to teach; spiritual evolvement, metaphysics, the process of First, Second and Master’s Level, each levels attunement processes, personal mastery, channelling, new symbology, the art of good teaching, listening skills and much much more.

My Master’s Level is designed to teach all the attributes needed of a teaching master, however, I like to tailor the mastership to suit the initiate’s needs and spiritual requirements, we are all individual. I am always guided by spirit as to their needs and their guides work with me to help with this process. As a result, it takes as long as it takes; some students span it out over a few months, while others

take a few weeks. I charge $2,500, no matter how long it takes. Any further teaching that is ongoing is free and they may attend as many workshops that they feel necessary to experience the teachings in practice.

I believe that Reiki mastership helps to bring about the spiritual healing techniques and psychic giftedness that is correct for each individual and they step into this mastery as they blossom as masters. It is an honour to teach this level.

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Mastership 2 week workshop

Course investment is $2500 

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Reiki Mastership Deposit = $500