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REIKI Level 2

How can I learn Reiki level 2..? 

S’Roya teaches Reiki level 2 in a weekend workshop. Held at her home Eagle Heights, Mt Tamborine on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne at varying venues. Reiki 2 can be learnt by anyone, no matter what the age, gender, chosen career, personal status, culture or belief system, who has already completed Reiki Level 1.

Reiki level 2 consists of...

  • Reiki level 2 is taught over two days, in a weekend workshop. Please email to S'Roya for up and coming dates.  
  • Students learn how to scan, project, beam and send this energy which concentrates mainly on distance healing. 
  • Students receive 2 more initiations/attunements, 1 each day, which enables you to channel Reiki 2 healing energy. 
  • All the hand positions for Self-treatments and how to treat others is taught and practiced by all students.
  • S’Roya teaches the use of crystals and their healing properties with Reiki level 2 energy. 

  • All level 2 symbols, how they are used and other metaphysical transformational healing information is also covered. 
  • You will receive a comprehensive Manual and Hand Position Chart.
  • All S'Roya's Reiki Students receive a Certificate upon completion of course.

Taking The Next Step ...

Deciding to learn Level Two Reiki is the next step. Like many things we learn throughout our life there is always a process that we must go through. Learning Reiki is no different. There is a process to it and this takes its own time. For each of us as individuals this time factor varies in duration depending on the amount of Reiki treatments one gives oneself initially, and one’s enthusiasm to learn more about the effects of the Reiki energy. It’s the regular use of the Reiki that brings about its awareness, not just the attunements received during a Level One seminar. Because of this it is not feasible for Reiki to be understood or integrated in just one weekend workshop. 

Most Reiki Masters recommend a minimum of at least one to two months before progressing from Level One to Level Two. This is simply because it takes time to completely understand and absorb the changes that can be created by the four attunements given during the first level. The entire human physiological and subtle body energies undergo alteration of their bio-magnetic energy, so there can be delayed healing and reactions to this subtle healing.

What You Will Experience...

Being initiated into Level Two is a major step and commitment to furthering the development of one’s mind, body and spirit through the using of Reiki energy. We find for many students that on completion of the Second Level a whole new world of people in need of natural healing will be presented to them. There is an energetic expansion that takes place within all Second Level students. This takes time to integrate and is different for every individual. 

The frequency of our individual consciousness determines how broad our life experience will be. In other words, as we lift our energy with the use of Reiki and expand our own energy vibration our consciousness will grow, allowing us a better experience of our reality. The energy brings an expanded awareness and in this way can be used for personal emotional wellbeing, attitude shifts, gaining mental clarity, transformational healing and releasing the past processes etc. The intent of further study with Second Level is to expand our conscious understanding of the uses of Reiki, plus establish a spiritual integrity, and more in-depth mental and emotional healing process usually begins. At level 2 you establish a professionalism in your practice of Reiki.

Level Two energy usually helps with more of our journey within, helping to discover the spiritual soul self. I have found that each soul’s purpose begins presenting itself, becoming more important to students as they learn to listen to their own intuition. Level Two energy embodies an impulse towards more self-realisation and indicates a path that we must follow, not from our ego ulterior motives but from the core of our own individuality or soul.

As we work with this level of energy we learn to trust ourselves, allowing growth and change to take place in all areas of our lives. As a natural progression our expanded consciousness helps us to accept anything now and at any time. We begin to see a deeper pattern to our life...

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