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What is Reiki...?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning rei, ‘universal’ and ki, ‘life–force energy’. There are many other words to describe this same energy found in all cultures. We are all born with this same kind of energy; we call it our living spirit. It is the energy of life itself, that vital life force that flows through all living things. Plants have it, animals have it, our planet, stars, sun and moon have it, and it is the energy that the universe is built on. Reiki is often described as a loving energy, energy with a sense of peace, warmth and security. It makes no difference who is using the energy, love, acceptance and healing is always the end result.

Reiki is not a religion, cult, or organisation. There is no need to change your present belief system. Neither is it a form of mind control, wishful thinking or hypnosis. The practice of Reiki becomes very personal to each individual who learns it. It serves to promote inner growth. As you practice Reiki you will gravitate towards the people and places that will help with that growth.

Reiki was re-discovered by a Japanese man, Dr Mikao Usui, in the mid 1800s. Through study, research and meditations, he evolved a healing system based on ancient Buddhist teachings written in Sanskrit for all peoples. He spent the rest of his life practicing and teaching this method of personal transformation and natural healing which involved attunements to the energy and the laying on of hands. There are many books dealing with the history of Reiki, which has its own controversy, and I do not feel it necessary to cover it here. This ancient healing art helps to awaken and elevate your own inner energy. During a seminar and through the attunement process you learn how to channel this energy from the universal power within to another person or to oneself, through the use of energising symbols and the laying on of hands. The amount of energy drawn is always determined by the needs of the person receiving it. (Thy will be done not mine). Reiki has an innate intelligence of its own governed by universal laws.

Vehicle for Profound Inner Transformation

There are as many reasons as there are people as to what leads one to the doors of Reiki. There are always catalysts for events that transform our life at any one time. Some of these catalysts have been ill health, depression, longing, curiosity, dissatisfaction, other people, the need for change, and the list goes on. Whatever the reason or catalyst, it is clear to me as a teacher of Reiki that the one thing people seem to forget is the great need we all have to heal and know ourselves. When I speak of healing I don’t necessarily mean addressing only sickness. There is healing of past hurts and emotions and of the heart. There is healing of our mind and its habitual negative thinking behaviours. We spend a great deal of money and time learning about our work or career, our world and all the events that take place within it, when all the while the one very thing that would serve us most we avoid knowing more about, the Self. Self-inquiry and analysis on all levels is what Reiki can help you with, but not necessarily in the conscious mind. 

True enlightenment can only come when you understand yourself and how you affect everything around you. This helps us take responsibility for all our actions. When as individuals we can see our lower nature through self-inquiry and accept who we have become as a result of this, we then are faced with the opportunity to change any aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us.

Reiki, therefore, is a spiritual evolving tool that lends a hand by helping us to heal those other parts of us that need assistance. Whether it is in our emotions or our attitudes or our behaviour that needs some adjustment, Reiki can assist us with these adjustments. With each adjustment we see ourselves becoming more whole and accepting who we really are in spirit. As we adjust ourselves and become more whole releasing any negative aspects of self, we feel unburdened and much better. So much so, that this healing process of coming back into wholeness sees people lose aches and pains they have had for years within their physical body. This is the metaphysics of healing; the body is simply the last messenger of the soul.

Any discomfort within the physical body is a symptom of an unhappy spirit.

The Metaphysics of Healing

Healing is a term usually saved for the curing of the sick, and generally means getting well. Today, this term means much more and is no longer only reserved for the physically sick or ailing. Our society is beginning to accept that we need to heal many aspects of ourselves to be totally well, not only our physical bodies. People are now seeking counselling for traumas and deep-seated emotional disturbances such as depression or grieving. We are beginning to accept as a people that we have emotions that create some of our physical symptoms, which we experience as unwellness. No longer do we have to wait to get sick before seeking help with a problem. To be part of the solution we must take our life into our own hands and help with our own healing. Healing will only really begin when, as individuals, we accept the responsibility totally for our own health and well-being.

Visiting the Doctor

Most people start a healing process by visiting their doctor with symptoms of one kind or another. They receive a physical examination followed closely by tests, a diagnosis, then a prescribed medication or remedy. This is the way we have been taught to cure the physical body and get well. Many people become disillusioned as a result of only treating the symptoms when their illness re-occurs.

Doctors become baffled when faced with re-occurring illnesses that cannot be explained or controlled with drugs or operations. The medical profession it seems still chooses to treat us as just a cellular physical body. This type of healing simply doesn’t address the whole problem or all the issues involved with healing, for we are more than just a physical body. One baffling illnesses that I personally have come in contact with was my mother’s chronic fatigue. For healing to be truly effective it needs to go much deeper than getting rid of physical symptoms in the physical body. Why? Because we are a soul incarnate within our physical body and as such need to realise there are other reasons for becoming ill. The body is the last messenger of the soul, with dis-ease as a last desperate communication from within (higher self) about any negativity or fear, which resides within the heart and mind. We are multi-faceted beings and as such we must treat all these facets when looking at health issues.

Chronic fatigue is a classic result of a suppressed soul trying to illuminate its presence to the conscious mind of the being via the physical body through pain and discomfort. I have found that in most cases of chronic fatigue, while there can be a catalyst of a physical sort helping to exasperate an already tired or ill body, the person suffers foremost with denial of the inner spirit. They are generally suppressed souls unable to rise above the pressures from others to be someone or something that does not serve their highest good. This seems to take place over many years and is a quiet unwellness that slowly creeps over the person. It is because of this fact that most people see it as just a physical problem and rely on the mainstream form of diagnosis from doctors and naturopaths. This helps with some areas of the illness but never quite eradicates it.

Metaphysics is the anatomy of the soul.

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