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Opening to Channel

Becoming a conscious channel is an exciting step to becoming a great Tarot reader. It marks the beginning of receiving message from spirit direct. Channelling simply means that you become a conduit for higher levels of consciousness. It is the ability to plug into Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters and other inter-dimensional beings for the purpose of receiving guidance and profound communications. This can be achieved when you learn to shift your energy vibration up a few notches. It’s not as hard as it sounds. As you progress, your body can become more sensitive to all kinds of energies. For me this meant giving up the drinking of alcohol and eating rich, fatty foods.

We are all natural channels for life force energy. That is how we exist. If we were not, then we would not be able to experience life itself. From the day we are born our higher self allows energy to pass through our ‘I am Centre’ or pranic tube. Situated in the centre of the brain is the pineal gland, which is in some ways looks like a tiny

eyeball with the lens facing upwards. This is the highest frequency energy-receiving point within the crown chakra. This is where we interpret and synthesise light or energy that is being fed constantly to us. It is what makes our physical body a transducer of consciousness energy. It enables our higher consciousness which connects us to our higher self to channel life force energy to us constantly.

Working with Spiritual Guides

The crown chakra and the pineal gland provides us with a mechanism for higher dimensional consciousness (Spiritual Hierarchy etc) to be converted from its high energy rate into our lower third dimensional energy and its reality via the physical body. Once we receive this energy it is able to use our voice and mind to convey messages to us. This is where we receive guidance, acknowledged by our mind’s energy and intuition. You literally become a channel for Angels and spirit guides to enter the physical third dimension via your energy.

This takes time to perfect and does not happen overnight (nothing ever does). It took me a few years to progress through my learning about being a conscious channel for healing before I was ready to tackle channelling spiritual messages. I was a little fearful at first, as we all are when we begin something new. It was the search for more direct and clear guidance that kept insisting that I try to channel consciously. I found that when channelling for healing I would get thought forms come through into my mind about the person I was helping. These thoughts turned out to be messages or guidance of one kind or another. You will find as this begins it is subtle at first, but the more you channel and trust the better and more clearer they become. You start to develop clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feeling), clairvoyance (visions), Claircognisence (empathic knowing).


1. To hone this skill takes practice and we do this with pranic breathing and deep meditation. While pranic breathing you will be taken through a few levels of meditation to help lift your energy vibrations, which allows for higher energy consciousness to enter.

2. You may feel very hot as the energy begins to build.

3. You may feel heavy or light depending on the energy itself.

4. You will need to direct the energy to align with yours better.

5. Ask the energy to step into your aura and come closer. Ask for Spirit to step back if it is becomes uncomfortable until you get use to it. Remember you are always in control, there is nothing to fear.

6. As this happens you may feel tingling or twitching and strange sensations, don’t worry this is all part of getting use to another energy.

7. If you are feeling comfortable, ask it to step closer into your aura.

8. Your mind may be racing at this stage with excitement or anxiety so take control, ask your mind to settle and send it the message to relax. Surrender yourself with love to the energy. Allow, and accept.

9. Ask the energy to identify itself; this it may or may not do in the way of thought transference. So do not worry about a name if it is not forth coming, it may be later.

10. You may ask if it has a message it would like to give you.

11. Allow your mind to clear as you wait, relax and feel the energy.

12. Try not to edit anything that comes into your mind, your first thought will be that of the energy.

13. Open your mouth and let the words spill out no matter how you think they sound, this is an act of surrender. Let the energy know that you are learning how to go about this, ask it for assistance.

14. Usually the words come in short phrases that seem not to make sense until they are strung together into a sentence. The conversation seems to be jerky or slow, do not worry, all is fine. This is why you are asked not to edit anything with your own thoughts.

15. Try to always have someone present either writing things down or taping what you are saying so that you can listen to it or read it afterwards. You’ll be able to discuss the sound and kind of energy it was with another person.

16. To close the session all you do is ask it to leave your aura as you must close. Give thanks for its divine communications with you.

17. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect, there are no short cuts with this kind of work. You will learn best through experience.

Opening to channel

Relax your mind, body and spirit, by meditating for about 10 minutes before you wish to begin to channel. Come out of your meditation but not completely, stay with the feeling and energy. Statement of intent (in your mind, say this 3 times.) Very Important!

“I AM a clear and perfect channel for the highest realms of love and light of All That Is for only the highest good of all. I AM.”

This will ensure that you do not tap into or invite lower vibrational energies to come through. Only the highest forms of love and light.

Take yourself back into a meditative state using pranic breathing.

Begin by Pranic Breathing Inhale as slowly as comfortable, breathe white light into your body, filling continuously from abdomen to diaphragm to chest. Rest a moment at the top of each breath - count to 5. Exhale as slowly as comfortable - count to 5, continue. Resting a moment at the bottom of each breath. Slow your breathing down and keep breathing for a count of up to 10 breaths, this will help take your mind up into Theta, the state of mind you need to be for  channelling. For some, this part takes time and practice.

Connecting with Spirit

Surround yourself with unconditional love and breathe in pink light, letting go of all earthly thoughts and concerns until you feel clam and are settled. Use St Germain and his Violet Flame of Light and Archangel Michael with his Sword of Light if you wish. Ask for your I AM presence to surround you, invite your master guides and angels

to join you in divine service (to support you as a clear perfect channel).


1st Breath In - Visualise a shaft of white light entering your crown chakra.

1st Breath Out - Expand your Aura as you breathe out your heart chakra.

2nd Breath In - Visualise a shaft of white light entering your crown chakra.

2nd Breath Out - Expand your Aura as you breathe out simultaneously through your heart chakra and throat chakra (or the chakra/s related to the activity you intend, e.g., Throat for vocal channelling, hands for healing, third eye plus throat for clairvoyance or tarot reading, etc.)

3rd Breath In - Visualise your guidance (in what ever form feels best for you) entering in the shaft of white light through your crown chakra.

Feel and sense the presence of energy. (You may feel energy shifts taking place in you body, ask for it to be aligned with you, and in perfect harmony with you.)

3rd Breath Out: Expand your Aura as you breathe out simultaneously through the same chakra combination as Breath 2.

You may connect quite quickly. However, if the connection is not clear, wait and continue with more pranic breaths. It may be easier for you to have a friend read this out facilitating as you make this connection. The more you practice the better you will become. Have some questions in mind for when you connect otherwise you will be

too excited and forget what it is you are doing this for. Remember, these spirit helpers wish very much for you to connect with them.

Different Levels of Conscious Channelling Chart:

Let me help you with my Psychic Development classes, Divination 1 day workshops, or learn about your energy through Reiki  1 & 2 workshops. Take up Tarot, or learn to Channel, working with Angels & Spirit Guides. There is no one path, there is just learning how to use these gifts in a practical way so as to enhance your life.

Having a list of psychic abilities and how they work is a must if you're interested in learning about the different types of Psychic gifts. 


These are the ways we receive intuitive guidance.

  • CLAIRVOYANCE  clear seeing
  • CLAIRAUDIENCE  clear hearing

  • CLAIRSENTIENCE  clear feeling


    clear knowing


With practice, you can learn to develop all your senses, but usually one or two are stronger than the others.


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