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The Need for Meditation

Mystics and Avatars have used meditation techniques in the East for centuries, but since the second half of the 20th century it has become a part of what many now do in the West on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on being realistic and practical, dismissing the idea that sitting in quiet contemplation can be anything more than just rest and recuperation. And yet all of us inevitably meditate to some degree everyday of our lives and are better for it. Whenever we lose ourselves in daydreaming or an activity that requires total concentration to the exclusion of everything else, we are actually engaging in a form of meditation. But the pleasure we get from these moments is usually fleeting and is soon dispelled by the invasion of conflicting thoughts, regrets and anxieties which usually absorb our daily life. The great sages and spiritual teachers of the world have all suggested that, if we can still our minds, for even 10 minutes each day, concentrating on something simple such as a candle flame, it's possible to obtain the peace of mind which normally eludes us and increase our energy.

The secret of meditation is stillness, it allows the focusing of mental and spiritual energy. People often confuse relaxation with recreation. While obviously idle pursuits such as watching television and reading might help to relax us and focus the mind’s attention, they do not still the mind. In order for us to gain access to the doors of cosmic consciousness and shift perception to the supreme wisdom, locked deep within the subconscious, we must first learn to still our restless mind.

The mind may be in perpetual motion but it rarely moves in one direction for very long. It tends to dart all over the place. This wastes our greatest resource, mental energy, causing most of us to seek stimulation rather than stillness. Our digital world full of computers, games, facebook, myspace, emails and mobile txt messages, only

serves to overload and scatter our mental focus even more.

Meditation on the other hand, focuses these scattered pinpoints of light that are our thoughts like a laser beam, gathering up our mental energy, and re-focussing it. Focusing on a point or vision in the mind’s eye, or on a candle flame, or the breath, reduces mental activity and allows the practitioner of meditation to contact the higher self, which if listened to can have all the answers we seek. But like everything else, this process takes time, discipline, patience and practice. The mind must be retuned to a higher state (like AM to FM radio) if it is to receive higher clarity and wisdom from the depths within.

Meditation is a time when you discover that you are the architect of your mind.

The mind is often a wild beast - hard to tame. However through meditation, that constant inner wilful chatter can be released and let go. So too the ego self, which creates the illusions of fear and separation, can slowly and gently be subdued. The meditator then becomes one with the object of his/her meditation, sometimes just for an instant, but with practice - a lifetime. There are many holistic and spiritual practices that use meditation as part of purifying the mind by taking control of one's emotions.

 Add to that the discipline of using focussed affirmations such as; divine/self love, compassion, success, gratefulness, peace, happiness and joyfulness during meditations and you have a formula for inner transformation. Regularity is the key here, concentration and deliberate conscious application of replacing negative or destructive thoughts and feelings with more productive positive and supportive thoughts and feelings uplifts our demeanour and our spirit. These kinds of disciplines can help those seeking to raise their mental/emotional selves to much greater heights of awareness. Regular meditation of this nature can improve clarity of thought; help concentration and health; give peace of mind; a calmer disposition and generally a more positive attitude towards others and to your life’s choices. Meditate and clear your mind before doing a reading, you will be more focussed and centred.


1 Routine -Try to establish the habit of meditation. Condition

yourself by meditating at the same time each day and it will

gradually become easier to settle into. The ego is easily trained

through routine and self-discipline.

2 Environment - Choose a place where you will not be disturbed

and disconnect the phone. You may like to use an iPod listening to

a favourite meditation tape or relaxing music.

3 Posture - Sit in a comfortable chair, or in the lotus or half

lotus position, with your back, neck and head held straight and

upright. Try to discipline yourself to sit in a certain posture. This aids

in training the mind and body to respond to the discipline. However

remember, comfort is also important.

4 Relax - Learn to relax your body, even if engaged in a particular

posture. If the body muscles are not relaxed you will find it

difficult to let the mind relax. So spend some time and allow yourself

to let go of as much body tension as possible. Start with your feet and

work upwards giving each area of your body permission to let go and


5 Breathing - Try not to let external thoughts distract you. Count

your breaths in cycles of 3 to 5 and slow them gently, it helps to

focus your attention while you relax into your meditation. If thoughts

come into your mind observe them with indifference letting them

pass by. Eventually you won’t need to do this.

6 Focus - Choose your mental topic for each meditation before you

begin. It may be an affirmation of love or a mantra. It could be

objects in front of you (such as a burning candle) or, in your mind’s

eye imagine a white dot, a simple shape or symbol, number or colour.

Later these can be developed into visualisations to create the habit of

positive thoughts, to activate the chakras and to help your body heal.

7 Patience - Don’t try too hard. Be kind to yourself, have some

patience; Rome wasn’t built in a day, so give it time. Above all

relax and don’t worry it gets easier with practice!

Let me help you with my Psychic Development classes, Divination 1 day workshops, or learn about your energy through Reiki  1 & 2 workshops. Take up Tarot, or learn to Channel, working with Angels & Spirit Guides. There is no one path, there is just learning how to use these gifts in a practical way so as to enhance your life.

Having a list of psychic abilities and how they work is a must if you're interested in learning about the different types of Psychic gifts. 


These are the ways we receive intuitive guidance.

  • CLAIRVOYANCE  clear seeing
  • CLAIRAUDIENCE  clear hearing

  • CLAIRSENTIENCE  clear feeling


    clear knowing


With practice, you can learn to develop all your senses, but usually one or two are stronger than the others.


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