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Tarot Card: Fool/INNOCENCE 0

(Traditionally known as The Fool) 

Influenced by the planet Uranus, in the signs of 

Aquarius - I know and Scorpio - I desire... 

Fool/Innocence card is the first of the Major Arcana, portraying a young jester casually walking through the cosmos with his heart in his hand. He appears as a young Star-seed on a journey of discovery. With nothing to guide him, he must rely on himself and trust in the universe, that his life will unfold perfectly. Each step displays optimism and faith that all will turn out well. The jester offers up good times, a willingness to have a go, to enjoy life relying on his guile and humour for company. This suggests an openness, that we’re never alone unless we believe we are. He has that ability to make light of all situations no matter how serious or perilous they seem. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, his emotions are on display for all to see, courageous in his love and naiveté. This card is indicative of the playful innocence and freedom we all experience in our youth. Time to take risks, to venture into the unknown, bravely testing yourself in the world. Trust that your heart has the answers to life’s quests.


Keywords and phrases: 

Positive: Power of faith, trust in the unknowable, be prepared to take risks, be inspired and enthusiastic again, freedom from restriction, youthful energy, a new chapter in life, all will be well, trust and listen to your heart, let go have fun, be adventurous, remember innocence. 

Negative: gullibility, lacking direction, too trusting, misguided faith, lacks trust in life or self, devoid of innocence, controlling, self destructive. 

An excerpt from the book,


by S'Roya Rose