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GODDESS GURU Magazine was created for you. She was born from the need for true authentic feminine spirit. Goddess Guru Ezine uplifts and inspires, motivates and restores the sacred feminine. She is full of sassy fun and spiritual awareness, speaking to the heart and soul of womankind, not only in Australia but on a global scale.  Many of us are tired of the old out moded, dark and cynical, patriarchal attitudes towards the feminine, which only promotes suppression, low self esteem through control and false images of the desecrated role of what having true feminine spirit and power really means. No longer will we accept men behaving badly! Once again we will help resurrect the sacred female energy to her true podium where she will be cherished and exulted, uplifting us all in her ultimate unconditional love. Join me and become part of this movement, share your power stories, share the wisdom you have gained as a result of stepping into that place of power with the Goddess. 

Share what you had to over come, and give others hope and inspiration. Educate others as to our amazing ways in what ever form your healing or transformational experiences have unveiled. Use her crafts to connect with the spirit of our land and seas and let all awaken to her cosmic divine presence once again. I need your support, this journey was never about me! Its all about the Goddess... so write your articles, advertise your secret women's business, share your products & services or simple act as a networker on her behalf... letting everyone know we exist...  together we will awaken her presence helping her shine! 

Blessed Be to Goddess Guru! 

S'Roya  Rose

Publishing Editor 

Our Philosophy 
GODDESS Guru is now a Quarterly Magazine, that seeks to ground the Sacred Feminine and the Cosmic Lunar knowledge bringing back a better balanced holistic Earth Walk. GODDESS Guru chooses to stimulate, awaken and empower the Goddess within us all. Guru’s of all persuasions join with us sharing their infinite Goddess wisdom for those needing spiritual nurturing & support, seeking to join the sisterhood, bringing spiritual awareness, inspiration and upliftment during times of great change and earth crisis. 

GODDESS Guru will assist in anchoring many Spiritual Lifestyle concepts into our everyday existence! It understands that everything is connected through the greater energetic web of all life. We believe that everything we do, think and say, affects everything and everyone else... therefore, collectively one article at a time we can make a difference... 

Our Focus 
Goddess Guru e-zine is aimed at the mainstream discerning and generally aware woman, committed to learning more about herself and the goddess path. By living an authentic spiritual co-existance with all life. Our readership spans all ages, which have varied backgrounds, both spiritually & culturally. Individually they are breaking the mould so to speak, seeking to bridge many barriers that are affecting a broad cross section of our general global Goddess community, honouring and empower the essence of women everywhere.
We are an open forum, which provides comprehensive spiritual wisdom. Our regular columns, guest writers and special features will make the magazine a highly appealing spiritual resource, that will be kept and called upon time and time again.. May her wisdom be forever in our hearts & minds as we journey into the unknown life ahead.