S'Roya Rose - Australia

Psychic Readings, Healing, Workshops, Reiki, Author, Witch

REIKI A Transformational Spiritual Pathway


S’Roya Rose lifts the lid on the myths and sheds light on the spiritual growth that can be obtained with the use of Reiki. S’Roya believes that Reiki connects people with their soul essence once again, speeding up their spiritual evolvement. In this way Reiki is a transformational spiritual pathway, a practice that one uses to transform the lower nature or ego as one evolves in consciousness. Much has been written about Reiki as a hands on healing technique, however very little has been said about its spiritual development aspects. S’Roya explains the pathway that is created with the use of reiki energy, how it comes about and how it will affect you. Through the gift of reiki she has been able to help those who search for self improvement and inner transformation as a path to healing and enlightenment.

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