S'Roya Rose - Australia

Psychic Readings, Healing, Workshops, Reiki, Author, Witch

Empowering the Modern Goddess - Book


S’Roya Rose lifts the lid and does it again exposing the Goddess as a presence ... Not a new age ideal or a force!

In early mythology the Goddess was considered sacred, she was revered and worshipped as the true life giver that nourished mankind’s existence. She was seen as the earth, the moon and the stars that held the mystery of the beginning of timeless existence. A mystery that was accepted even though not fully understood. Everything came from her and everything returned to her, the cycles of life were where she reined. Her cosmic, mythic presence constantly echoed her fluidity throughout time and space as the cycles of death and rebirth, the seasons of nature and the rhythms of the universe. In this book S’Roya shares how the Goddess is valued for her mystery and her intuitive innate wisdom is very much needed.

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