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The Art of Meaningful Living - Book


The Art of Meaningful Living, takes us on a journey into the deeper side of life. S’Roya’s soul coaching, helps us to explore our mindsets and attitudes, our thoughts and feelings, while encouraging us to forge new concepts for a better way of living. Its philosophical spiritual wisdom has a timeless beauty, that if adopted will assist us in some of our darker hours of confusion and feelings of self abandonment. The Art of Meaningful Living will become a great resorce that can be visited time and again by its readers, as it comforts the soul assisting the journey, improving our existence and enabling our earth walk. The wisdom in his book has already single handedly transformed and empowered thousands of peoples lives.

An accomplished author and adept modern sage, S’Roya demonstrates her ability to reach into the heart and soul of humanity, encouraging us to make the necessary ajustments on our path to attain higher levels of conscious meaningful living.

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