S'Roya Rose - Australia

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In Search of SOUL - Book


In Search of SOUL, captures the true meaning of ‘Soul Searching’. As it looks at why we go soul searching, where and what we search for, and the amazing journey that unfolds in our lives as a result. It’s a small but powerful metaphysical book, that many just won’t be able to put down. Well written and cleverly married with poetry of a prophetic nature, it’s magically simple yet tackles deep and often complex issues. S’Roya intertwines spirituality with normal life dramas, bringing a profound wisdom to everyday life and its real meaning, she demonstrates a depth of inner perception that will touch your heart and endear her to you as an author. This book is a great place to begin to understand your journey!

This was S’Roya’s first book, written when she was only 35, it set a real standard for her as a metaphysical writer.

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