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Isis Queen of all Magick

Posted by SRoya on July 23, 2014 at 12:20 AM

Isis is said to be the first known true goddess of Egypt from whom we all originate, and one of the most revered goddesses of the ancient world. She is still one of the most popular and well-known goddesses in the world today. Isis is the most powerful goddess to emerge from the rich tapestry of Egyptian culture, only later being eclipsed by that of Christianity’s Mary. Isis was and still is revered and often worshipped as the divine mother-goddess, considered as judge of the dead, sister and faithful consort of Osiris, and dedicated mother of Horus. Genealogically she belonged to the Ennead; daughter of Seb and Nut, sister of Seth.

In the Osiris myths she searched for, retrieved, and reassembled her husband’s desiccated body after having been killed and scattered by her brother Seth. This connection saw her proclaimed as goddess of the dead, and of the funeral rights, gifted with the magickal psychic powers of divination (seer), and resurrection (healer) of souls. Isis then impregnated herself from Osiris’s body and gave birth to Horus in the swamps of the Nile Delta. Here she raised her son in secret and kept him away from her brother Seth. Much later Horus defeated Seth, becoming the first ruler of a united Egypt. Thereafter Isis, as dedicated mother of Horus, was regarded as protectress of the true Pharaoh’s throne.


Isis was considered very powerful as keeper of the throne (she became known by her name and symbol), and was seen as holding the space of the throne, a place for the true seat of all nobility who rule, a very important source of the Pharaoh’s balance of power. Henceforth maintaining the knowledge that ultimately all things are born of the goddess, keeping the sacred union of masculine and feminine as the personification of the perfect balance of the yin/yang nature in all things.


Often you will see her dressed with the symbolic headdress of a solar disc between the cow horns on her head. This represents her personality, which was believed to resemble that of the Hathor, goddess of love and gaiety. Mostly she was depicted crowned, with a throne, representing royalty, rulership and nobility, and happily with her boy child Horus sitting on her lap, representing love, motherhood, protectress, and fertility.


As a worshipped deity she had her own priests and therefore a following, many temples were erected in her honour. Her largest was built in the Nile Delta on the Island of Philae, later transferred to the Island of Agilkia in 1975-80. Over the centuries much was done to limit, suppress and even wipe out all Isis worship as it was seen to be of the divine mother-goddess. She was made to appear as queen of all dark magickal practices in an attempt to quell knowledge of, and her influence of, the sacred feminine divine practices. This dishonoured and virtually wiped out psychic abilities being revered as sacred truths.


Isis personifies the ancient mystery school’s journey of the initiate’s path, through priestess, sorceress and goddess, typifying the awakening of the divine feminine path that is available within all women-kind. With the ability to see all things, she rules the goddess energy to conjure and to make manifest, first visually, then practically. As keeper of magick and all things feminine she helps us develop our latent natural psychic powers, enabling us to see/intuit all possible realities, thus helping guide our course in life, with our hearts at the helm, navigating its often choppy, if not, challenging waters. Isis is known for her loving strengths of healing and compassion and of her heart’s endurance and willing ability to heal all manner of ills. She goes beyond earthly matters consulting with the divine for truths of the soul kind. In this way she offers us our truth in a sacred sense, asking us to trust what we feel and see with our heart. A true mother-goddess, she guides our parental love and aids us to be the best wives and mothers we can be. Raising our children into the nobility of respect and honour, guiding their lives from a divine sacred truth, teaching them that we are indeed all connected and therefore have a responsibility to help each other live well, in honest clean living environments, caring for our communities at large, while protecting that which is sacred to us, all the things we love. Her inner fortitude and power offers us courage and strength of spirit, clarity of understanding, and ultimately true wisdom in our hours of need.


Blessings S’Roya

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