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Awakening the Power of the Goddess

Posted by SRoya on July 21, 2014 at 3:40 AM

Awakening the Power of the Goddess

Her greatest inner strength lies in her open heart’s ability to be vulnerable in love, to love deeply, completely and unashamedly. She lives in our bones as the earth; in our blood as our water; in our mind as the air; in our actions as our fire; in our hearts as true spirit. In awakening her and claiming this aspect of ourselves we can begin to recognize her archetypal strengths and weaknesses within our own character.

Giving us a better understanding of the essence of our inner self and our cosmic link to the collective unconscious. As God is everywhere, so too is the Goddess. She lives in all things and co-creates alongside the God. Awakening both the divine male and female aspects of us is spiritually required for us to become whole in one’s self. This is the reason to awaken and claim her natural power!

A Goddess is in touch with herself, mind, body, emotions and spirit!

A modern Goddess is a woman whole in all her female power, comfortable and unafraid of who she is on any level. She is in touch with the very core of herself, able to be raw, intimate, wild and untamed yet equally able to be caring, loving, kind, empathic and compassionate. She is dynamic in her power unable 11

to be owned by anything or anyone! She is a connoisseur of beauty and believes in personal luxury, surrounding herself with the things that bring her joy and pleasure.


Her greatest gifts being her self-realization,

her intuitiveness, her natural forgiveness,

her inner beauty and total compassion.


She has a natural inner calm, almost regal presence, as her character displays elegance with power and grace. She often commands an audience just by walking through a door, for she rarely goes unnoticed. We affectionately call this the ‘Wow’ factor.

Like a well-designed quality diamond, she has many amazing facets. She believes in being attractive, which is obvious by the way she looks after herself with pride and presents herself with style no matter what her physical age (often looking younger than her years). She follows her purpose with passion and chooses to be successful in her career. The Goddess in her believes in displaying happiness, wisdom, kindness and love constantly with dignity, fun and often laughter. You feel uplifted when you have been in her presence for she adds to your life.

Her values lie in being real, sensitive, authentic, wise and truthful. The totality of her emotional being relies on living honestly in any moment. This is her quiet power!


In early mythology the Goddess was considered sacred, she was revered and worshipped as the true life giver that nourished mankind’s existence. She was seen as the earth, the moon and the stars that held the mystery of the beginning of timeless existence. A mystery that was accepted even though not fully understood. Everything came from her and everything returned to her, the cycles of life were where she reined. Her cosmic, mythic presence constantly echoed her fluidity throughout time and space as the cycles of death and rebirth, the seasons of nature and the rhythms of the universe. She was valued for her mystery and her intuitive innate wisdom was sort after. It was man’s need to understand her natural mysteries that gave birth to the original sciences.


Why would I want to awaken her and how would this benefit me in my life now?

For far too long the true essence of the Goddess has been suppressed, not allowed, made to feel wrong, covered up and even banished. Even today there are those who feel quite threatened by women in their true power, especially when they are unable to be controlled or made submissive to other’s needs. Bringing equality into our society for women has certainly had its struggles. Unfortunately even though it has improved over the centuries and especially the last 50 years, it is still by no means equal.

Her once inspiring lunar powers are almost unrecognized as valid. Is it any wonder that many sophisticated and accomplished women are mourning the loss of her richness and vitality, feeling empty and betrayed? The Goddess within is being ignored as women’s roles are now measured by their accomplishments. She has become veiled by the times, tied to her daily schedules and deadlines, social pressures, honoured for her successful career and academic achievements. Falsely lured by consumerism, convenience, compromise and competition, her inner nature has been deceived. Constantly juggling motherhood, career, love life and family, her desires to look after her loved ones are now cloaked by commercialism and used against her.

The goddess, it seems, is everywhere in chains, visiting therapists, needing help, looking for herself, performing as if she isn’t menstruating or pregnant. Her cycles that were once natural rhythms of life are now being diagnosed as medical conditions that need controlling and treating, everything from menstruation to birth control, childbirth to menopause, apparently needing drugs! Her natural aging process is no longer respected and has created insecurities, plagued by youth obsessed media and advertising. She’s fixated on having face-lifts, breast implants, lipo suction, and plastic surgery to keep up appearances. To fit in with modern men’s sexual ideals, women aren’t just having Brazilians; they are actually having nip and tuck labia surgery to trim their girly parts for a neater appearance, making for easier and smoother male sexual entry into their bodies.

We have come from the renaissance where paintings of women’s rounded hips, large bosoms, bottoms and tummies were revered, where cellulite was considered normal and womanly. Now we look at flat chested, anorexic looking, girl-child waifs in photography for today’s fashion. We have gone from the ridiculous to the sublime ignoring our divinity as goddesses, betraying our inherent nature with superficiality that doesn’t serve or honour our truth as an evolving female species.13 No wonder women are running off seeking therapy, popping Prozac, having nips and tucks, feeling inadequate. She has been waxed, capillarized, plasticized, sanitized, controlled and manipulated, estranged from her natural cyclic truths. Forsaken dignity and ignored divinity has now developed into insecurity and alienation within many women. Loss of the divine Goddess has created a baron wasteland full of impoverished feminine spirit. Feeling lost and depressed, trying to fit in, to be loved, needing to be perfect, wanting to cope and compete in a male orientated world, who’s respect for her natural mysteries and rhythms has all but evaporated.


An Excerpt from the book

'BLACKROSE Empowering the Inner Goddess'

by S'Roya Rose )O(

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