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Isis Queen of all Magick

Posted by SRoya on July 23, 2014 at 12:20 AM

Isis is said to be the first known true goddess of Egypt from whom we all originate, and one of the most revered goddesses of the ancient world. She is still one of the most popular and well-known goddesses in the world today. Isis is the most powerful goddess to emerge from the rich tapestry of Egyptian culture, only later being eclipsed by that of Christianity’s Mary. Isis was and still is revered and often worshipped as the divine mother-goddess, considered as judge of the dead, sister and faithful consort of Osiris, and dedicated mother of Horus. Genealogically she belonged to the Ennead; daughter of Seb and Nut, sister of Seth.

In the Osiris myths she searched for, retrieved, and reassembled her husband’s desiccated body after having been killed and scattered by her brother Seth. This connection saw her proclaimed as goddess of the dead, and of the funeral rights, gifted with the magickal psychic powers of divination (seer), and resurrection (healer) of souls. Isis then impregnated herself from Osiris’s body and gave birth to Horus in the swamps of the Nile Delta. Here she raised her son in secret and kept him away from her brother Seth. Much later Horus defeated Seth, becoming the first ruler of a united Egypt. Thereafter Isis, as dedicated mother of Horus, was regarded as protectress of the true Pharaoh’s throne.


Isis was considered very powerful as keeper of the throne (she became known by her name and symbol), and was seen as holding the space of the throne, a place for the true seat of all nobility who rule, a very important source of the Pharaoh’s balance of power. Henceforth maintaining the knowledge that ultimately all things are born of the goddess, keeping the sacred union of masculine and feminine as the personification of the perfect balance of the yin/yang nature in all things.


Often you will see her dressed with the symbolic headdress of a solar disc between the cow horns on her head. This represents her personality, which was believed to resemble that of the Hathor, goddess of love and gaiety. Mostly she was depicted crowned, with a throne, representing royalty, rulership and nobility, and happily with her boy child Horus sitting on her lap, representing love, motherhood, protectress, and fertility.


As a worshipped deity she had her own priests and therefore a following, many temples were erected in her honour. Her largest was built in the Nile Delta on the Island of Philae, later transferred to the Island of Agilkia in 1975-80. Over the centuries much was done to limit, suppress and even wipe out all Isis worship as it was seen to be of the divine mother-goddess. She was made to appear as queen of all dark magickal practices in an attempt to quell knowledge of, and her influence of, the sacred feminine divine practices. This dishonoured and virtually wiped out psychic abilities being revered as sacred truths.


Isis personifies the ancient mystery school’s journey of the initiate’s path, through priestess, sorceress and goddess, typifying the awakening of the divine feminine path that is available within all women-kind. With the ability to see all things, she rules the goddess energy to conjure and to make manifest, first visually, then practically. As keeper of magick and all things feminine she helps us develop our latent natural psychic powers, enabling us to see/intuit all possible realities, thus helping guide our course in life, with our hearts at the helm, navigating its often choppy, if not, challenging waters. Isis is known for her loving strengths of healing and compassion and of her heart’s endurance and willing ability to heal all manner of ills. She goes beyond earthly matters consulting with the divine for truths of the soul kind. In this way she offers us our truth in a sacred sense, asking us to trust what we feel and see with our heart. A true mother-goddess, she guides our parental love and aids us to be the best wives and mothers we can be. Raising our children into the nobility of respect and honour, guiding their lives from a divine sacred truth, teaching them that we are indeed all connected and therefore have a responsibility to help each other live well, in honest clean living environments, caring for our communities at large, while protecting that which is sacred to us, all the things we love. Her inner fortitude and power offers us courage and strength of spirit, clarity of understanding, and ultimately true wisdom in our hours of need.


Blessings S’Roya

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2015 MoonSpell Diary

Posted by SRoya on July 21, 2014 at 5:30 AM

 S’Roya Rose, one of Australia’s better known High Priestesses, presents her 2015 MoonSpell Diary.

Created with the busy ‘Goddess’ in mind, providing the perfect space to work out the best moon times for your Spells and Rituals while leaving plenty of room for your weekly appointments and reminders. Full of simple every day MoonSpell wisdom, this comprehensive moon diary, takes us on a spiritual journey into the Magickal side of life. S’Roya’s Goddess wisdom, helps us to explore the Full Moon and New Moon, her magical effect upon us, the different phases and their meanings, including some useful tips on walking the Priestess path. How to set up your alter, create magical sacred space, the need for smudging and cleansing, the use of Elements. Everything you’ll need to know to prepare for your MoonSpell magic. S’Roya also includes the days when Mercury goes Retrogade, and what that is really all about. Throughout the MoonSpell Diary there are some simple reminders and tips on what the current phase is best used for, including the Goddess Wheel of the Year, her Sabbats - Solstices and Equinox celebrations, and the 13 Esbats (Full Moons) to enhance 2015 for you.

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Goddess in the Boardroom

Posted by SRoya on July 21, 2014 at 3:55 AM

Goddess in the Boardroom by S'Roya Rose

The emerging Goddess culture in the boardroom is seeing a new breed of woman. These women have cleverly refined and unified aspects of their masculine (mental) and feminine (feeling) qualities into their brand of business acumen. Consequently these emerging executive Goddesses are considered to be having a profound long term healing effect in the business sector and corporate realms...

Her presence at the very highest levels of management seems to be necessitating and even driving 4th dimensional awareness and concepts back into our 3rd dimensional world of commercial business. This has a flow on effect transforming everything from outmoded humanities and older managerial models and techniques, to helping create a balance within humane, ethically developed business strategies along with fair-trading, while birthing a healthier, holistically improved corporate citizen. Not bad given that women only make up approximately 10% of the corporate sector. Imagine how balanced business life would be if it were even at 30%!

Hallelujah… all hail the Corporate Goddesses in the boardroom!

Over the past five decades women have come a long way. Where female managers were once invisible and largely nonexistent, there has been steady movement up and out of administration roles and into the realms of management and high-powered positions within the corporate world, including national and global 50

politics. However, sometimes this was at the expense of her personal suffering, judgement and ridicule, the need to even martyr herself to some degree, and having to succumb to the competition with men. In the past women have had a hard time wrestling with this balance, especially the outward social judgements of their role in working society, of course this has changed. She is now accepted as a professional and no longer needs to overcome these old social biases, or has she?

I remember a time in my early 20’s when a female client ridiculed me for working, because I had to place my children in day-care full time. She was simply projecting her social beliefs of what she saw as a ‘women’s role’ in society back then. My life circumstances didn’t allow me the privilege of being a stay at home mum. Well 25 years on, things have changed dramatically; I, like many of my peers, am now the CEO of my own company and totally love what I do, my children are grown and I’m getting on with the fun of business.

As a therapist having held counsel with many business women, I observed a shared commonality of certain traits, motivations, behaviours and life experiences that set them apart and predisposed them as non-conformists in their life’s direction and choices. Often they were the eldest daughters who’d had huge responsibility placed on them early. Some were consciously choosing not to marry or become mothers early in their life. They were simply choosing a different lifestyle, one that was not considered by their mothers before them. These women want to succeed in their chosen vocation testing themselves in the world before settling down to become wives and mothers.


I observed first hand how feminine analytical wisdom could be adapted to the strategic requirements of business and utilised in many corporate situations, even politics. It definitely takes a certain kind of woman with specific developed qualities to feel comfortable enough to be completely at home in the realms of business and/or working with men. But when she can, she brings some interestingly developed feminine skills along with her. These Goddesses had to face the masculine within to be able to handle the masculine without. Sometimes that meant she’d been able to identify herself through a good relationship with her role model father. After all, she knows that she is a woman operating in a man’s world if she’s in business. She’s had to develop her mental, logical, and rational masculine side for men to accept her as a comrade and an equal.


In the past however this often came at the cost of a Goddess rejecting her unconscious, vulnerable, emotional, feminine side, possibly even hiding her latent psychic and natural intuitive abilities, choosing instead to hone her mental agility and analytical power as her new, preferred, intellectual armour. These Goddesses have had to give way to an achievement-oriented persona, combining the qualities of the warrior with that of a cool, strategic, fast thinker, developing her intellectual linguistic approaches.

Goddesses in business today are learning to balance their intuitive feminine wisdom with their intellectual versatility giving them powerful observational abilities. She is therefore a force to reckon with. This kind of mastery consequently opens the dark, primitive, deeper side of her inner goddess nature, allowing her to see and penetrate both sides of an equation through emotional intelligence and mental objectivity; a great analytical requirement used in both strategic business planning, management, and of course, leadership.


These Goddesses are very powerful women indeed; very focussed, usually quite driven, with loftier goals in mind - qualities that I too had developed over a period of time. I recognised that my female business clients were mirroring many of my strengths even though they were used in different ways. These Goddesses were wise, intelligent, courageous women, having faced many life crises and developed mastery over their financial independence. They were often living alone feeling that to be independent meant not having a permanent live in partner. I observed that many were oftentimes divorced, seen as ruthless, and found it difficult to find partners they felt were intellectually equal to them. They all possessed that feminine wisdom of insight and had a penetrating perception, effectively used to see beneath the surface of things, to the root of a problem. These qualities gave them an intellectual psychological edge in their business, with the ability to bring the unconscious into conscious awareness. Maybe that’s why some men found them formidable and couldn’t be around them. When a woman can see all and is unafraid of making you accountable, there’s nowhere to run. But one thing is for sure; all these corporate amazons were heart driven, fully present in their soul’s passions, fearless of life and its challenges, fuelled by the desire to be great at whatever they choose to do.


An excerpt taken from the book,

'BlackRose - Empowering the Inner Goddess'

by S'Roya Rose

TAROT A Sacred Doorway

Posted by SRoya on July 21, 2014 at 3:45 AM

Tarot a Sacred Doorway by S'Roya Rose

Buried deep within the archives of humanities subconscious memories, are the remnants of something that only our soul remembers. It is so special, filled with sacred ancient knowledge; holding keys to a power that can transform your life. The Tarot has the ability to awaken the sacred doors to the hidden mysteries that are dormant within the labyrinths of your psyche....

Inside the Tarot, layered with specific symbology that speaks a language that only the subconscious truly knows how to access and interpret, are the keys to your akashic records and angelic codes - the blueprint of your Soul’s path. Once unlocked it will empower you to take control of your destiny in such a profound way as to transform your life forever. The Tarot will help you become more spiritually aware, and can offer you some lateral thinking in your hour of need, by broadening your perspective on things, helping you to let go any need to control life, learning to surrender the human ego and listening to your hearts higher self. Thus gaining a better understanding of your inner journey and how this directly impacts on your outer reality. For the most part, it will gift you some grace as your mind opens up to ponder new possibilities and drink in new awarenesses, enabling connection to your higher self.

Often we get stuck, feel unhappy or limited, unable to see past an emotion or circumstance. The tarot will assist you to move forward by offering a bridge, connecting the dots between what you feel and what you want to happen, gifting you insight and answers into those everyday life issues. In doing so, endless creative potential will begin to open up for you, new pathways and opportunities to grow and prosperity will start to arrive. Where there wasn’t a way, a way will be found. You’ll connect to the Divine source of all that is your spirit, aligning to cosmic forces and receive real guidance.

As a self-development and divination predictive tool the tarot is still one of the best. It takes in all aspects of life and its cycles from birth to death – and it reveals much to us from all levels of the psyche as well as bringing in the past, present and possible future outcomes.

For the more serious tarot students it has earth, air, fire and water elements as well as astrology and numerology and many other intrinsic magical esoteric meanings woven into its symbolic framework. It is not necessary to learn all of these in parrot fashion, however it is fun to study the in-depth meanings if one has the time.

Symbology communicates through the magic of our subconscious mind allowing for our deeper inner senses to speak their intuitive natural truth. Learning to trust the instant thoughts or feelings that each card generates from within takes time and patience. Tarot is a great tool when tapping into the universal source of truth, love and wisdom, which is what real tarot card readings are all about.

You can spend a lot of time reading all the books you like, but it’s the using and playing with your tarot, that will teach you the most. Treat it with reverence and respect, for it is an ancient sacred tool not meant to be used falsely or abused in folly. Remember the sacred laws of retribution are always at work so be mindful of your intent.

Who am I? Why am I here? What is my destiny? Are just some of the cosmic questions that will be answered as you journey spiritually. Working with the Tarot you will start to understand more and more about yourself and life. It will teach you how to cope, how to understand why things happen the way they do and just what are your best options in those tricky life situations. As life’s riddles begin to unravel before your very eyes, huge awareness’s start to dawn within you. Empowered by this, you will begin to move forward with more surety of step as your inner knowing transforms the way you perceive everything. Be prepared to let go the old, to shed worn out skins and begin to grow in leaps and bounds and enjoy a fuller life. As you start to trust yourself and your intuition grows, your confidence will too. Listen with all your senses and start to trust your intuition, by heeding your first thoughts or feelings. 

As a Spirit living a human existence we need reminders as to why we chose to incarnate and come to learn in boot camp Earth. As you begin to understand the tarot, it will help you discover more options and choices in your life path, you’ll gain clarity as to your unconscious intentions, enabling wiser decisions as you broaden your options, making adjustments as you grow and develop spiritually.

An excerpt from the book,

'TAROT A Sacred Doorway'

by S'Roya Rose

Awakening the Power of the Goddess

Posted by SRoya on July 21, 2014 at 3:40 AM

Awakening the Power of the Goddess

Her greatest inner strength lies in her open heart’s ability to be vulnerable in love, to love deeply, completely and unashamedly. She lives in our bones as the earth; in our blood as our water; in our mind as the air; in our actions as our fire; in our hearts as true spirit. In awakening her and claiming this aspect of ourselves we can begin to recognize her archetypal strengths and weaknesses within our own character.

Giving us a better understanding of the essence of our inner self and our cosmic link to the collective unconscious. As God is everywhere, so too is the Goddess. She lives in all things and co-creates alongside the God. Awakening both the divine male and female aspects of us is spiritually required for us to become whole in one’s self. This is the reason to awaken and claim her natural power!

A Goddess is in touch with herself, mind, body, emotions and spirit!

A modern Goddess is a woman whole in all her female power, comfortable and unafraid of who she is on any level. She is in touch with the very core of herself, able to be raw, intimate, wild and untamed yet equally able to be caring, loving, kind, empathic and compassionate. She is dynamic in her power unable 11

to be owned by anything or anyone! She is a connoisseur of beauty and believes in personal luxury, surrounding herself with the things that bring her joy and pleasure.


Her greatest gifts being her self-realization,

her intuitiveness, her natural forgiveness,

her inner beauty and total compassion.


She has a natural inner calm, almost regal presence, as her character displays elegance with power and grace. She often commands an audience just by walking through a door, for she rarely goes unnoticed. We affectionately call this the ‘Wow’ factor.

Like a well-designed quality diamond, she has many amazing facets. She believes in being attractive, which is obvious by the way she looks after herself with pride and presents herself with style no matter what her physical age (often looking younger than her years). She follows her purpose with passion and chooses to be successful in her career. The Goddess in her believes in displaying happiness, wisdom, kindness and love constantly with dignity, fun and often laughter. You feel uplifted when you have been in her presence for she adds to your life.

Her values lie in being real, sensitive, authentic, wise and truthful. The totality of her emotional being relies on living honestly in any moment. This is her quiet power!


In early mythology the Goddess was considered sacred, she was revered and worshipped as the true life giver that nourished mankind’s existence. She was seen as the earth, the moon and the stars that held the mystery of the beginning of timeless existence. A mystery that was accepted even though not fully understood. Everything came from her and everything returned to her, the cycles of life were where she reined. Her cosmic, mythic presence constantly echoed her fluidity throughout time and space as the cycles of death and rebirth, the seasons of nature and the rhythms of the universe. She was valued for her mystery and her intuitive innate wisdom was sort after. It was man’s need to understand her natural mysteries that gave birth to the original sciences.


Why would I want to awaken her and how would this benefit me in my life now?

For far too long the true essence of the Goddess has been suppressed, not allowed, made to feel wrong, covered up and even banished. Even today there are those who feel quite threatened by women in their true power, especially when they are unable to be controlled or made submissive to other’s needs. Bringing equality into our society for women has certainly had its struggles. Unfortunately even though it has improved over the centuries and especially the last 50 years, it is still by no means equal.

Her once inspiring lunar powers are almost unrecognized as valid. Is it any wonder that many sophisticated and accomplished women are mourning the loss of her richness and vitality, feeling empty and betrayed? The Goddess within is being ignored as women’s roles are now measured by their accomplishments. She has become veiled by the times, tied to her daily schedules and deadlines, social pressures, honoured for her successful career and academic achievements. Falsely lured by consumerism, convenience, compromise and competition, her inner nature has been deceived. Constantly juggling motherhood, career, love life and family, her desires to look after her loved ones are now cloaked by commercialism and used against her.

The goddess, it seems, is everywhere in chains, visiting therapists, needing help, looking for herself, performing as if she isn’t menstruating or pregnant. Her cycles that were once natural rhythms of life are now being diagnosed as medical conditions that need controlling and treating, everything from menstruation to birth control, childbirth to menopause, apparently needing drugs! Her natural aging process is no longer respected and has created insecurities, plagued by youth obsessed media and advertising. She’s fixated on having face-lifts, breast implants, lipo suction, and plastic surgery to keep up appearances. To fit in with modern men’s sexual ideals, women aren’t just having Brazilians; they are actually having nip and tuck labia surgery to trim their girly parts for a neater appearance, making for easier and smoother male sexual entry into their bodies.

We have come from the renaissance where paintings of women’s rounded hips, large bosoms, bottoms and tummies were revered, where cellulite was considered normal and womanly. Now we look at flat chested, anorexic looking, girl-child waifs in photography for today’s fashion. We have gone from the ridiculous to the sublime ignoring our divinity as goddesses, betraying our inherent nature with superficiality that doesn’t serve or honour our truth as an evolving female species.13 No wonder women are running off seeking therapy, popping Prozac, having nips and tucks, feeling inadequate. She has been waxed, capillarized, plasticized, sanitized, controlled and manipulated, estranged from her natural cyclic truths. Forsaken dignity and ignored divinity has now developed into insecurity and alienation within many women. Loss of the divine Goddess has created a baron wasteland full of impoverished feminine spirit. Feeling lost and depressed, trying to fit in, to be loved, needing to be perfect, wanting to cope and compete in a male orientated world, who’s respect for her natural mysteries and rhythms has all but evaporated.


An Excerpt from the book

'BLACKROSE Empowering the Inner Goddess'

by S'Roya Rose )O(